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Lianne Paul Piper or more popularly known internationally as Billie Piper began her career as a pop singer in her teens when she was selected to appear on the Saturday morning children’s television show Scratchy and Co. for which Billie then landed a role in a television commercial promoting the pop magazine Smash Hits. Soon after Billie Piper was offered a record deal at the age of fifteen, and in 1998 became the youngest artist ever to debut at number one in the UK singles chart with the hit song “Because We Want To” which was released under the stage mononym “Billie.”  Her follow up single entitled “Girlfriend” debuted at number one while her first album Honey To The B landed on the number fourteen slot in the U.K. album charts. It took Billie five years before she decided to end her career as a pop artist in 2003 and favored to return to her original ambition, acting. She took acting lessons while she was living in London and soon she was receiving very positive reviews for her appearances and critics felt that she was a far better actress than she was a singer, some of her film endeavors were Things to do Before You’re Thirty and The Calcium Kid (2004) where she played as the romantic interest of fellow co-star Orlando Bloom. But it was in May 2004 when it was announced that she’ll be playing the character of Rose Tyler, companion to The Doctor played by actor Christopher Eccleston in the long-running BBC television series Doctor Who and her role was her ticket to stardom for which she has won an award for the Most Popular Actress category in 2005 and 2006 respectively during the National Television Awards.

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