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Testing her endurance is one of her specialties since she’s done some stunts on TV series which requires no body double. And Billie Piper sure knows how to take this test on a higher level by taking a huge dick inside that tight cunt and warm mouth!

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Blonde bombshell, Billie Piper, is widely known as the feisty travel companion of the ninth resurrection of the ‘Doctor’ in Doctor Who. And because of the show’s success, Billie garnered a few awards and recognition for it, which includes a spot in BBC News’ Faces of the Year. She is not just a pretty face and a good actress though because she also sings. She does have her own record albums and her songs were a hit. Well-balanced artists like Billie Piper are rare. She goes for her dreams, reach them, and stay on top. She is quite successful too in whatever industry she chooses to pursue. But when I say balanced, it is not just about juggling her career priorities in a perfect circle and none of them falls apart. I’m talking about some of her fun and exciting extra-curricular activities, which include her penchant for BBCs. No wonder she’s got that huge mouth like Julia Roberts’, eh? Sucking on a huge black dick often will definitely do that to anyone’s holes. She’s in a different dimension when in a wild fuck session with her black lover, no doubt.

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This small gallery of Billie Piper nude images features the sexy celebrity as she bares her body and willingly poses for the whole world to see how hot she really is. Billie  is such a legitimate hottie that it is not surprising that she was cast as the seductive prostitute  Belle de Jour in the television series Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

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Billie is not a porn star; but with her body and good looks, she’s sure to make waves in the adult entertainment industry. Legions of Doctor Who fans would definitely fall in line to for the chance to see Billie’s succulent pussy. If you want to see more of Billie’s alluring body, check out these naked photos of Billie Piper.
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April 22nd, 2010 by lianne

Of course we’ve still yet to find out if this is really a true in-canon episode of Doctor Who, or as most people believe, a porno spoof of Doctor Who!  Well, I’m leaning towards the latter right now, because why would the BBC ruin the show with a naked episode or even one where Rose Tyler (Billie Piper’s character on the show) strips down to nothing for the good Doctor.  Well, while we’re finding out more new on this hot  Billie Piper piece, here’s a photo from that episode showing Billie in all her naked glory.  I mean it could be a real episode, because Billie’s covering up her pussy, leaving us to stare at her big, juicy boobies.  And we all know that standards for nudity are different in Europe.

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Who would have thought that these hot naked pictures belong to the one and only Billie Piper since we all knew her to be this wholesome pop singer who traded her microphone for an acting career and she had been reaping numerous acting awards since 2003 when she portrayed the character role of Rose Tyler in the long-running TV series Doctor Who… and with what we are seeing, she can be one alluring sex kitten who will take it all off and bare her wares for all of mankind to see and enjoy. And whoever leaked these sleazy pictures of her, we are truly thankful and now all the guys have enough reason to jerk off and enjoy Billie in a different way.

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